The first ever Tale of Tales in a store!



This the edycja specjalna of The Path, published by the great guys at Topware in Poland. It is the very first Tale of Tales product that has been published for retail. We’ve had some great reviews in the Polish press, so hopefully The Path will do well in the stores in Poland.

16 thoughts on “The first ever Tale of Tales in a store!”

  1. I want an autographed copy for me please, whatever the cost. Please ship to Bruno Figueiredo in Portugal, via express mail in a cushioned envelope 😉

  2. This has to be great news for you. The special edition looks great, I specially like the work in the serigraphy used for the CD.

  3. It may come to NA?
    I knew this game needed a box and all the other stuff…it’s even more beautiful than I thought!
    I must have a copy. Will have a copy…someday, when I can afford it. :)

  4. This is jsut what i looked forward to when The Path was released! If it would come to Finland, i would definetly buy it again :3

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