Fatale Audio Trailer

We’re delighted with the audio that Jarboe (voice acting and ambient music), Kris Force (sound effects) and Gerry De Mol (dance music) have created for Fatale. So much so, that we are releasing a trailer that only contains audio! Have a listen:

One of the cornerstones of our approach to design for interactive entertainment, is that all elements in the production are of equal importance. We do not single out any element above any other: 3D artwork, animation, interaction, text, sound and music all contribute in equal parts to the multi-sensory experience. Our aim is to communicate on many levels simultaneously and offer many different forms of amusement and delight. Traditionally, videogames tend to be a very visually oriented medium. But in our work, sound is of equal importance. And somehow it felt fitting to release an audio-only trailer for a project about a man who loses his head.

An MP3 version of the audio trailer can be downloaded on the project’s gallery page.

We’ve also finished the cistern area where John the Baptist is held captive. Here’s a screenshot:


18 thoughts on “Fatale Audio Trailer”

  1. It looks fantastic. Sound is VERY important in every aesthetic experience (more than people is generally used to assume). I think you did a great work with this in The Path and I’m glad to see you are pointing on the same direction with F A T A L E. I find the idea of making a sound trailer clever, too.

    Congratulations ^_^

  2. It would be much to ask for a transcription of what is said on the audio trailer? I’m not a native english speaker and I could only understand few things of what is said on it.

    Don’t worry if it’s not possible, I understand it is something difficult and annoying to do and provide.

  3. That’s a complete coincidence! :)

    Much like the fact that the theme of death occurs in several of our recent pieces. I’m not saying that the subject doesn’t interest us. But we’re not as obsessed with it as it may seem. I think.

  4. Oooh, shivers.

    Judging from this, there really should be more audio trailers – for one thing it would make developers think more about what impression is being given by their sounds.

    I didn’t realise just how soon Fatale is going to be released. I have but two games I am really excited about this year – IcePick Lodge’s The Void and this… now to find the money to buy either or both…

  5. Just occurred to me: will there be verbal stuff in Fatale? I rather liked how moody The Path was with only text and half-heard lyric fragments.

  6. This sound is Silent Hill like one style that it should be for a horror ..It’s about time 😀
    BTW: The path for 5$ … lol. I already bought it at 9.99$ but still impressive and is nice that they choosed your game :)..Also i wish to see a new SALES graph..Pls compile a new one and maybe you tell us if you guys are pleased with them…I just hope at some point your are not so anymore begging at those NL consortiums for money :(.I know it will be hard.
    I am really looking to buy a new VGA (5850) just for state of art hardware but games tend to be crappy that actually put it to strain.
    For example another Corporate with plenty of money game dissapointed me today “the shattered horizon” beta by Futuremark game studios..I have more expectations but it will be just to sell something.The graphics is ok it will use my rig at 95% capacity but the gameplay is for no brain masses that play all CS:S and Cod..

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