Italian interview about Fatale

Not that we’re able to reveal a lot yet (if only because were still working very hard crunch crunch, trying to get as much stuff in as possible while keeping an eye on that damned framerate ) but it was fun talking about our new project with Claudio Todeschini. The interview has been translated into Italian. Part one is here. Part two here. Buona lettura!

8 thoughts on “Italian interview about Fatale”

  1. If you really want correct information, you should wait until the release date of 5 October. Until then, there’s nothing we can say with certainty. We’re doing some interviews at the moment for print magazines. But they always want to know about gameplay and, to some extent, that’s a last minute thing to us. The mechanics are not so important in and of themselves. And they are always open to change in order to improve expression. And we can only judge that expression as all assets gets finished. This is why we often say we make a game first and then design it.
    We recently made a rather drastic change to the interaction design, so I think one of those interviews will contain faulty information. :) The solution is, of course, to not obsess over gameplay. We don’t think it’s that important. And neither should you. 😉

  2. I’m not interested in the gameplay details proper. I’d like to learn about those as I play the game.

    I’m more interested in aesthetics, sound, animation, themes, references and the secrets of your collaboration with Sato :o)

    I keep thinking about how your style is different from that of Sato, and how will those two styles eventually blend. But don’t answer that just now. I’m ready whenever you are.

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