Play “And Yet It Moves”, win The Path

Our friends at Broken Rules have been arranging contests within their game And Yet It Moves for awihle now. This week, players of their game can win The Path!

And Yet It Moves is a platform game that looks like this:

And Yet It Moves Wii Teaser from mml on Vimeo.

Looks like that Wii version is going to be BIG 😉 The game is currently available for Mac and PC.
See more details of their contest here!
They seem to be making it a special challenge for the occasion, you can only win by not walking but rotating to navigate! o.0 sounds difficult!

4 thoughts on “Play “And Yet It Moves”, win The Path”

  1. Ooh, I heard of this a while back when it still wasn’t available and forgot to keep an eye on it. Glad it’s out!

  2. yes its still to come! sorry for the slowness. we hope to get it done before the end of this year…. this will depend on schedules of all involved parties however -.0
    but it WILL happen!

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