Unveiling Salome

FATALE: SALOME (gold version)

This is a first look at the first character from FATALE, Salome. And we can tell you now who the artist that we previously listed as “secret” on the Fatale website is! She was designed by Takayoshi Sato, who also modeled her (and another of the characters who we shall introduce at a later date.) As many of you know we have been huge fans of his character design work for years, thus it has been a true joy to be working with him on this project.

We’ve started a gallery on the project’s website. We’ll be publishing more images, along with more information, in the weeks to come. We’re gearing up for release on October 5th! :)

30 thoughts on “Unveiling Salome”

  1. Ahhh. The unveiling finally took place. I was so eager to see Sato’s work and here it is at last. It’s got his signature all over the model, especially in her face.

    Congratulations to you. And to Sato-San for yet another CG masterpiece. Come, oh come, October 5th.

  2. One question..If Endless forest have been financially faulted for phase 4 from where you guys have money for Salome.Is it other source of finances?

  3. Quick notice: gallery page link is broken – link address says: “http://tale-of-tales.com/Fatale/gallery.html%22http://tale-of-tales.com/Fatale/gallery.html%22” in my Firefox

    Other than that: Can’t await October 5th!

  4. nullwert, I got that error, too. Maybe the end page is being done as we speak.

    I’ve looked more carefully into the image and I see some interesting background/post effects. It’s wonderful that she’s wearing a big red gem (ruby?) in her chest, which is exactly the same color as the blood coming from within the tiles and dripping on the floor.

    My first impression was “how beautiful”. Now I’m more inclined to “how fatal”. This made my day!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks!

    But… before I start getting too excited… is Fatale going to need a more powerful computer than the Path?

  6. She’s dancing!
    I love the lines of her body, the slight break in her wrist and the curves in her arms. And the turnout! The small plie’ and the lift in the small of her back… can’t wait to see her in motion.

    Her face is haunting. Makes you wonder where she goes in her mind when she dances…

  7. She’s gorgeous. Her expression is so distant, solemn…sad? It’s such a weird contrast with the last image of Salome I had in my head, which was the one of her as a much younger girl. She’s certainly not a capricious child here.

    Also, yes! Takayoshi Sato! Such a fan of your work in the first two Silent Hill games, but I have the same concern as DavidM: my poor comp can hardly run The Path. And since the only counsels I have are has-beens (original Xbox and PS2), I think I’ll have to stick to Youtube vids for this. :(

  8. We’re hoping that Fatale will run on a slightly more modest computer than The Path. It’s made with the same engine as The Graveyard (though it will certainly be more demanding of the hardware).

    Badsykes, Fatale was mostly funded by VAF, who have helped fund the early phases of The Endless Forest but rejected our more recent requests. Guess they’re more interested in supporting new projects than continuing existing ones.

  9. @ Virtual Heroes

    Why not let Sato create a truly meaningful project instead of imprisoning him in those half-witted game simulations? In a way, Sato’s talent has been liberated by Tale of Tales, for which I’ll be eternally grateful.

    Finance him in his projects for the sake of Virtual Heroes. Otherwise you’ll be just another studio. You don’t realize the potential of your own talents – how crazy is that?

  10. Dear Misters and Misses anonymous, if you express an opinion, please identify yourself. Otherwise your opinion is worthless and we might be inclined to remove your comments.

    Dare to make a point! But please keep it civilized (mere insults will not be tolerated).

  11. I more or less subscribe the opinion of the anonymous comment. I always find myself worried about the fact that Sato isn’t realizing his full potential where he is right now. But Virtual Heroes has achieved some impressive results with their games and for that reason they deserve to be respected.

    I believe we’ll see Sato returning to deeper and more artistic endeavors in the future.

  12. Dear Lord, that’s lovely…

    So, when/where can I get poster details? I have never needed a poster as much as this one.
    Perhaps one for my mother, too.

  13. Deviant Art page bookmarked!
    The more I read about this, the more the whole process fascinates me. I’m dying to know how you’re creating the Dance!

  14. The dance is being animated as we speak by Laura Raines Smith based on videoclips of contemporary dancer ElĆ©onore Valere Lachky improvizing to music that Gerry De Mol made for Fatale. Those animations are then joined together in the game engine. It’s quite a process.

  15. She’s there, Dieubussy, in an indirect but very real way. The style of the three most important Belgian choreographers (De Keersmaeker, Vandekeybus and Platel) is heavily influenced by Pina Bausch. And ElĆ©onore has worked with all three of them, in some form or fashion. You’ll see! :)

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