GEE loves the indies

Get your hands on the September issue of Germany’s GEE Magazine! There’s a unique feature story, that we are particularly happy to be a part of. It is documentation of a Skype audioconference that took place between Jason Rohrer, Kellie Santiago (thatgamecompany), Aleksey and Nikolai (Ice-Pick Lodge) and us, Michael and Auriea (Tale of Tales) where we all discussed art, life, each other’s work, and game design philosophy. It was a very honest and frank discussion between developers in drastically different circumstances and with overlapping/contrasting motivations. Should prove insightful to anyone curious about “why do we do it?”

GEE Magazine, Sept. 2009

GEE Magazine, Sept. 2009

7 thoughts on “GEE loves the indies”

  1. . dear ToT,

    . This looks very interesting, and I would love to have a look at it. Unfortunately my German isn’t exactly the best, and I would probably need a translation.
    . I am really glad that GEE is taking notice in indie developers, which, from what I know, is a pretty big deal. I really wish I could read about it.
    . sincerely,
    . John

  2. I don’t read german either BUT one thing i have to say is that if you guys want to turn the wheel from stupid games like wolfenstein xxx to indie part (garage gaming) you guys need to do MORE than just texts in magazines.I want this wheel to be turned.I want indie games to become what stupid games are today in terms of sales.The biggest problem is not the gaming industry only and is what the human society promotes overall.So if people will be feeded with guns and violence games like nazi-killing or strogg will rest forever on our shoulders untouched.

  3. Primrose looks a little shy among all those heavyweights, though. Still, what an alignment of heavenly bodies. The cream of indie gaming, all together in one common virtual space. What a beautiful concept.

    Did Rohrer get on your back because you’re doing 3D games, you all?

  4. I would really like to read that article. But I can’t seem to find a place on to buy the article and the images of the article are too blurry to read.

    Is there any way I can get a hold of it?

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