What big eyes you have, Salome!

I am amorous of thy body, Iokanaan! Thy body is white, like the lilies of a field that the mower hath never mowed. Thy body is white like the snows that lie on the mountains of Judea, and come down into the valleys.

Suffer me to touch thy body.

Thy body is hideous. It is like the body of a leper.

It is of thy hair that I am enamoured, Iokanaan. Thy hair is like clusters of grapes, like the clusters of black grapes that hang from the vine-trees of Edom in the land of the Edomites.

Suffer me to touch thy hair.

Thy hair is horrible. It is covered with mire and dust.

It is thy mouth that I desire, Iokanaan. Thy mouth is like a band of scarlet on a tower of ivory. It is like a pomegranate cut in twain with a knife of ivory. The pomegranate flowers that blossom in the gardens of Tyre, and are redder than roses, are not so red.

Suffer me to kiss thy mouth.

I will kiss thy mouth, Iokanaan. I will kiss thy mouth.

– from Oscar Wilde’s play Salome

8 thoughts on “What big eyes you have, Salome!”

  1. How does this work? They paid Tale of Tales to distribute the game themselves and now can make the price they want? If they sell 1000 of these packs, what’s in it for ToT?

    Help me understand 😉

  2. They asked us if we wanted The Path to be a part of this bundle. And we said yes. They’re giving us a share in the same proportion as normally (I believe it’s 70%). So we make very little per sale. But the theory is that such extreme discounts sell so many copies that you end up making more money in the end. We’ll see. It’s an experiment.

  3. P. Craig Russell adapted Wilde’s Salome to graphic novel, you may be interested to see it. I think it’s a brilliant work, almost my favourite by PCR (and I regard him as one of the best comics artists in the USA, ever).

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