What big eyes you have, Herod!

Salome, come drink a little wine with me. I have here a wine that is exquisite. Caesar himself sent it me. Dip into it thy little red lips, that I may drain the cup.
– I am not thirsty, Tetrarch.

Salome, come and eat fruits with me. I love to see in a fruit the mark of thy little teeth. Bite but a little of this fruit, that I may eat what is left.
– I am not hungry, Tetrarch.

Salome, come and sit next to me. I will give thee the throne of thy mother.
– I am not tired, Tetrarch.

Dance for me, Salome.
– I have no desire to dance, Tetrarch.

I command thee to dance, Salome.
– I will not dance, Tetrarch.

– from Oscar Wilde’s play Salome

2 thoughts on “What big eyes you have, Herod!”

  1. I love Oscar Wilde; reading Dorian Grey at the moment.
    But the only play anyone seems to put on of his is The Importance of Being Earnest.

    I’m so pleased you’re doing something linked to him. Can’t wait for October. :)

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