Interview with Final Boss

Maybe we’re a little bit like scientists in a lab. We set up all the elements that are required for an experiment and then we run the test and accept whatever comes out of it. Sometimes the outcome is more interesting than other times. But no outcome is wrong.

Pedro Giglio picked our brains in English and Portuguese. And extracts a list of favourite game designers from us.

10 thoughts on “Interview with Final Boss”

  1. “FB: What’s next for Tale of Tales?

    ToT: Peace and death.”

    I love you guys. Hope the second bit is later rather than sooner!

  2. GARBLGH! Can anyone recommend a half-decent online translator? Tried Babelfish on the comments because I know no better, and got a half-untranslated block of gibberish.

  3. Iposeno: “I share this form of treament of games. Maybe because it’s a new industry, it might not allow larger spaces for games such as this (just like movies, where there are festivals directed to “indie” fans). I think that a large part of gamers, producers and analysts turn this media childish with unique features for expression. Their posture is very interesting, about showing a specific kind of game / experience where there isn’t a single truth. I only disagree with one point: I think that well done and diversified playability do not hamper a good experience… just the opposite, it helps on immersion”.

    Other than that, people agree with the views on boredom towards redundant games – the whole “xerox machine” comparison – and with most points in general. And oh yeah, comparing my former beard style with MichaĆ«l’s šŸ˜›

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