The Path on the Mac. Now.

It wasn’t easy to shoehorn the DirectX-slave that is Quest3D into the seductive arms of Mac OSX, but with the help of the friendly people at TransGaming and Act3D, we did it!

Now there’s no more excuses to stay on the PC path. The OSX forest is filled with temptations. Give in to your thirst for Knowledge of Good and Evil. Come, Adam, come! I have a sweet and juicy apple here for you!…

The Mac version costs the same as the PC version. $9.99.
Which means Good because it is 666 upside down.

Get it here. Now.

Oh, and for the occasion, we have made some new desktop wallpapers (in Mac resolutions only) and… new Deluxe Edition USB sticks!

Thank you, Vikas and Blair and Daniel and Mark and Rob and Paul and Ferry and Remko and Jos!

12 thoughts on “The Path on the Mac. Now.”

  1. Can the Mac version be played with a Windows license key? My wife bought a license, but then later on also the USB stick, so we now have two licenses. Yet, I run OSX. Any chance I can get the OSX binaries so I adopt one of my wife’s two licenses?

  2. It’s finally here! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bought it, downloading now. Hope we Mac users get the same experience playing it, that no big compromising had to be done to get it Mac-friendly.

  3. Congratulations! This is frontpage news! Could have downloaded the game but I just bought the USB stick. Great! Very nice! What a great way to buy art like this. And long live your long tail….

  4. No compromises were made at all! Lots of small things needed to be tweaked or worked around (shaders and such). And we added some options to make it possible to run the game on a lower end Mac. But it’s the exact same game. Cider is like magic.

  5. Yes! Now the friend I was pestering about this can finally get it!

    And love the new trailer. I actually started tensing up during this one. Honestly, I still don’t think the voiceover really works, but it’s your advertising.

  6. Same question as Stefan. I bought the game as a big fan that couldn’t wait on its PC version, but I run osx and having to install a bootcamp win xp is a pain. Can I run an osx version with my pc key? If so, where can I get the osx installer?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you for buying the PC version of The Path, Mac fans! 😉

    We’re looking into a solution for this. The problem is that the Mac version of The Path is the fruit of a collaboration between us and TransGaming and we’re not sure how they feel about, in essence, giving the game away. We’re talking with them about this issue.

    The key code for PC will not work on the Mac.

    As a quick solution, I’d suggest to just give your PC license as a present to a friend and buy yourself a Mac copy. Or convince a PC-based friend to buy a Mac license and swap it for your PC license.

  8. Oooh.. USB-version, I’ll have to get that one… I did buy the download, but it can’t hurt to have two licenses. 😉

  9. Hey guys! Thank you for your visit to the merz academy last week – it was a pleasure 😉 Very interesting and inspiring stuff you told there! I wish you the best luck with The Path and your future projects as well!

    I felt free to write some lines about Happy Front End – Tale of Tales and post some pictures on my blog
    Hope you don’t mind!

    Greetings from Germany

  10. Thank you, Daniel. Great article!

    (By the way, “The Marriage” was made by Rod Humble, not Jason Rohrer. But they love each other so much that I’m sure they won’t mind the mix-up. 😉 )

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