The Path in the press, continued

Gee liebt The Path
Our favorite German games magazine gave The Path their coveted “Gee loves me!” sticker. This and much more in today’s episode of The Path in The Press.

The Path poses many intriguing questions about the division between art and game, it is also a horror game of the finest degree, it doesn’t have any shocking scare moments. Rather, it unsettles and unnerves you in many ways.

Chris Evans in The Reticule

Es ist eine interaktive Erzählung, eine Geschichte, die man sich selbst erzählt.

Carsten Görig on Spiegel Online

But is it a game, per se? Probably not, yet the game mechanics are key to its success.

Chris Dahlen on A.V. Club

En The Path se habla de la vida, de la muerte, del amor y de la sexualidad haciendo uso de un simbolismo sugerente como en muy pocos otros medios se encuentra, y al contrario que en muchas ocasiones en las que se intenta emplear escudándose en un sobrecargado diseño y exageradas pretensiones, funciona.

Aitor Fernández on

Be sure to approach this short horror game as an experimental interactive narrative rather than a typical video game with clear goals and rewards, and you won’t be disappointed.

Marc Saltzman in USA Today

The Path in Gee

Das genussvolle und bisweilen verängstigte Herumirren, die Ziellosigkeit und die Langsamkeit gehören nicht nur zu “The Path”, sie machen das Spiel aus.

Oliver Klatt in Gee magazine

To classify Tale of Tales masterpiece of interactive adventure in storytelling artwork as a game forces expectations on The Path and these expectations would do more harm than good to this brilliant and memorable experience.

Brian Edey in Game Focus

Mit diesem wirklich gelungenen Experiment im Bereich interaktiver Selbstfindung zeigen „Tale of Tales“, dass man in der festgefahrenen Branche durchaus noch Neues schaffen kann.

Paikea on Gaming XP

(…) it is obvious from the outset that developer Tale of Tales have made a conscious decision to attempt to shatter any conventions you may previously have held regarding gameplay and narrative.

Mike Priest on ME-Gamers

Het oogt en klinkt prachtig, en speelt uniek.

Niels ‘t Hooft in Bright

There’s also an interview with Auriea on Gamereactor TV, filmed at our booth at the Independent Games Festival.

And once more, for the record:

Without titles like The Path, games risk being relegated to permanent insularity. Audiences and designers who care about games must play– and buy – these kinds of games, and accept their role in the future legitimacy of the medium.

Leigh Alexander on Kotaku