Games I’m looking forward to playing II

Ah, it’s sunday. Nothing better to do than surf the web and look at screenshots and videos of upcoming games. Sitting here I was struck by a few games that I am actually looking forward to and decided to make an addendum to my previous post of games I am looking forward to playing, so here it is…

Top of the list is Bayonetta, of all things.

Yeah, I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Why?
Well… back in the day I had a thing for Devil May Cry 1. Just the first one. I thought the sequels didn’t really take advantage of what a cool character Dante was so with each new DMC game I was bitterly dissapointed. Platinum Games seems to have carried the vision of that game into Bayonetta. SO I am *hoping* it will be finally an action game I can enjoy again. They recently created blog and the character designer and modeler come forth with some of their process. I love it when character artists do that! :)

Mari Shimazaki – The Design of Bayonetta

Bayonetta’s long hair is the source of her power, and she normally wears it around her body as a means of adornment and protection. However, once she enters battle, she can use her hair to summon incredibly powerful demons from hell. When she summons these Infernal Demons, she is using all of her power, so she has no time to control the hair wrapped around her body and thus she ends up in more “comfortable” attire. The exciting way she looks in this state is one of the parts of Bayonetta that I love.


Kenichiro Yoshimura – Modeling Bayonetta

I think the game is looking beautiful… in that next-gen shiny kind of way.

Next stop, Blueberry Garden!

Winner of the grand prize during the IGF. An indie game by Erik Svedäng of the amazing hair and an all around sweet guy.
Cruising through Steam channels this morning I noticed Blueberry Garden will soon be for sale. I had a chance to play the game during the IGF and it’s quite a charming platform game… though not exactly a platformer as it seemed the goal was more whimsy than winning. I love the drawn style and how while playing I was always kept curious to figure out what was going on. I think anyone who reads this blog will really enjoy Blueberry Garden, so once it’s out you should all give it a try!

One game I forgot to mention in my first ‘looking forward’ post is actually a game I’ve been waiting on for years. And that’s Heavy Rain.

When is this game gonna be finished? And why won’t the developers, Quantic Dream, answer our repeated emails requesting an interview with them? hah? We’d love to talk to them about their design philosophy more in depth! I think this game could end up being a big budget example of new ways to tell stories through interaction. Not sure… but maybe… I like that they are at least trying to get out of old forms of gameplay and put the emphasis on the narrative content. Of course, until theres more released about the game, we don’t really know what its gonna be, do we…? :/ Still, given the version of it I make up in my mind, based on what has been released so far, this game is one to look forward to!

I am very excited about Noby Noby Boy multiplayer and getting Girl to Mars!!!

Lastly, there is our own The Path for the Mac… because we’ve been working hard to get the game released on this platform! It’s been received wonderfully on the PC but as a Mac user I think it is going to be a great fit for the game loving Mac audience! Trust me, you guys have never played anything like this! :)


13 thoughts on “Games I’m looking forward to playing II”

  1. It may sound strange, but knowing your preferences, I would recommend you (and/or Michaёl) Farming Simulator 2009. There are demos for FS 2008 and FS 2009 on the developer’s site, and if you play mission 2 (night harvester) of the FS 2008 demo the way you like to play, you will be pleasantly surprised. I know I did.

  2. I tried it, Ilia. The sky is pretty! And it’s strange that they modelled all this stuff that doesn’t seem to be usefull. Even then doors open when you get to the port.And the boat that’s in the see actually honks at you when your close to it.
    It’s suprising for a farming game.

  3. Just because they could?
    And hey, those are the decorations to hide the bottles in!

    Also, their next project is going to be about Wilhelm Tell, so maybe FS2009 is like a testing ground for some of the technologies they gonna use there.

  4. I will have a look at the farming simulator definitely, from thi discussion it sounds intriguing.

    Emiliano, I am loving the character design and art style of Zeno Clash but unfortunately I cannot play first person view games because they give me very bad motion sickness :p
    Also, i am certain I wouldn’t like the bare fisted fighting aspect, though it looks as though the game has many other things to offer (?) I will try looking at youtube videos for its hidden charms :)

  5. Well, it was nice buying it then, even if you’re not going to play it. Is it to help the indi world?

  6. A great list Auriea. Much better than Michaël’s Assassin’s Creed 2 talk! 😛

    I have a thing for Rainy Woods, the game that appeared a couple of years ago at E3 with a trailer that resembled a Twin Peaks episode? Coming from obscure japanese designers, it may actually be something extraordinary – let’s see. And there’s Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 as well…

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