Images from the ABIOGENESIS

We had some technical difficulties and a lot of you couldn’t view the party last week. We’re sorry about that… Thing is, this aspect of The Endless Forest is in some desperate need of an upgrade. Once the Mac version of The Path is out we should have some time to think about how we can do some fund raising to save The Forest. But, you have to admit, its still a beautiful place, even after all these years.

6 thoughts on “Images from the ABIOGENESIS”

  1. One of these days, I WILL make it to an Abiogenesis! If my computer doesn’t spazz out from lag.

    What was that thing about The Path at the very end of the last vid? In the upper left corner?

  2. I saw my deer in the video. Yay! Once again, thank you for the lovely and memorable Abiogenesis. Hope the forest never dies.

  3. :( Yeah.. I wasn’t able to join the party. It was very sad.. D: I was even there an hour early and was one of the first dancing deers! (Dunno if everyone knows about this but for almost an hour before the party began every one was in a half circle around those statues, dancing. X3 It was great fun.

    I really wanted to join the party.. D: I’ve never been apart of one before.. But, thems the breaks.. Oh well. :) Thanks, anyway, for throwing it. That was nice.

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