The Path Experience. YBCA, San Francisco.

It was Tuesday March 24th. The game had only been out for a week. There had been a few reviews but nothing compared to the deluge we’ve had since we got back home. Lots of people were in town for the Game Developers Conference. We invited about 80 people, friends and press, to meet us at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for a reception and live performance of the game, which up til then most of them had never seen.

This was the very very first time all the people who worked on the game were together. (Hans Zantman, who was the technical artist on the game couldn’t come to SF but) Michael and I and Laura Raines Smith and Kris Force and Jarboe were all there. It was amazing to see everyone together after working long distance off and on for 2 years!

Everyone had their part to play during that evening. After a bit of bread and wine we lead the crowd up to the Screening Room, a little cinema in the YBCA.

I gave greetings and introduced all collaborators. Then, Laura and Michael did the intro of all the characters. After that, the lights dimmed and main event started. I played the game on the big screen while Kris wove an ambient soundscape from the game soundtrack. Jarboe sang everyone a Lullaby and told them the tale of Little Red Ridinghood as only she can. The performance lasted for about 45 minutes. A lovely time was had by all. It was atmospheric and just a bit frightening. But then, that’s how we like things on The Path. 😉

Thanks to Amy, Lisa, Jose and Guy at the YBCA for all their good humor and help to pull this event off! Thanks to Creative Capital for their sponsorship. And special thanks to Michael Jennings and his crew at Small Potatoes catering for bringing all that bread!

We had so much fun doing the event that we do desire to do it again sometime. The combination of game and live performance was inspiring for us!

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you two. That was a wonderful way to exhibit your work. Not to mention the awesome spread of wine and bread! I only wish that sort of event would happen more often.

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