Many more reviews of The Path

We definitely cannot complain about the attention our little game is getting. Nor about the appreciation for it. We’re quite proud of our little Red Girls. And frankly, of the games press and blogs as well. Makes us feel a lot more comfortable, far away from museums and galleries. :)

Tale of Tales set out to make a horror game and this they have pulled off spectacularly.

Michael Rose on

What I do know is that for as indefinable as The Path may be, I find myself thinking about it long after I stop playing. The Path is an odd, but beautiful experience that gives me hope for what games can be.

Susan Arendt in The Escapist

The fog and lighting serve to generate an ethereal sense of surrealism, while the stylized characters reinforce the unique quality of being in a sort of fable.

Dan Liebman on Dark Zero

The Path represents a prime paradox in the world of games. It is simple to play, but incredibly deep in its execution. It’s mystical, often perplexing, and more disturbing than pleasant.

Dan Liebman on Game Zone

I sing in praise of The Path, a game that realizes – if only in fleeting brilliant flashes – the personal, expressive interactive storytelling experience video games have long aspired to communicate.

Michael Abbott in The Brainy Gamer

Mysterious, brutal and beautiful, this game tells a childhood story so dark it truly delivers the original spirit of the fairy tales, in all its grisly glory.

Allen Cook on Gamers with Jobs

This game succeeds at appealing to an audience segment that does not usually play games, and in a baroque and crafted way that many hardcore gamers relish about their chosen genres, not in some watered-down, Wii Fit kind of a way. It is, in other words, an important benchmark for the high’s evolution into the true mainstream, beyond this indie-games-versus-blockbuster-games false dichotomy, I’m talking about those extra billions who could really be succored by interactivity, but have been ignored.

Patrick Dugan (+ girlfriend) on Play this Thing

This is the game that real gamers scream for at the top of their lungs. This is something new. This is what needs to be heralded from rooftops, shown to every new developer; when you bought FEAR or Doom, you didn’t know it, but that disgust on your face was you screaming “WHY CAN’T YOU BE THE PATH?!?!?!!”

Ophilye on Couple Gaming

The Path is almost certainly the most significant videogame that will be released this year, in terms of evolving the form of what videogames are capable of.

Iain McCafferty on his personal blog

And all of this happens in other languages as well.

“The Path” ist selbstverständlich ein Spiel, und als solches ein faszinierender Beweis dafür, dass das junge Medium noch zahllose unerforschte Erfahrungen und Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten anzubieten hat.

Rainer Sigl on Telepolis

Alliant une bande-son extraordinaire et un design gothique à souhait, The Path ne pourra certainement pas vous laisser insensible, il n’y a pas de juste milieu avec un titre de cette trempe : soit vous détestez dès les premiers instants, soit vous accrochez et vous vous laissez emporter par cette expérience hors du commun.

Miniblob on Jeux Video

The Path is op geen enkele manier te vergelijken met andere games, maar biedt een uniek ervaring die je de kans geeft om na te denken over woorden en gebeurtenissen.

Erik Buckinx on 9 Lives

Het vergt soms wat geduld, maar ik merkte zelf dat deze trage loopstukjes vaak ook een mooi moment voor overdenking zijn. Momenten waarop je de beelden die je juist gezien hebt, probeert te duiden.

Erwin Bergervoet on

9 thoughts on “Many more reviews of The Path”

  1. A game so nice, I reviewed it twice.

    Don’t quote me saying that one, though. It sounds stupid. Congratulations on a great launch.

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, I noticed that while writing this post. Funny. And you even gave it a different score twice. Are you sure there’s not two of you? ;D
    Thanks for the review(s) anyhow. It’s always interesting to read.

  3. One of the reasons MetaCritic doesn’t function so well is that everyone’s standard of scores are different; some use a five star system, others score out of ten, others still use decimals. That’s the reason the two scores are a bit varied. A 7 from DarkZero is about equivalent to an 8.0 on GameZone.

    It’s certainly an experience to remember. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  4. So far, The Path is actually gaining good momentum on GameStats and MetaCritic. I didn’t have a problem with my own reviews, but when I see my “7” slapped at the bottom of MetaCritic’s page, I can’t help feeling irritated by it.

    I know I shouldn’t let it upset me, and the fact that it does just upsets me further. A bit like playing The Path, actually. lol.

  5. I can’t find my review among these, though I gave it so much attention. I know it’s in Czech, but it was the very first review in our small country and definitely it gave another look into this fascinating experience, that many players unfortunately can’t ”handle” . Here you go: review (9/10)

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