Unititled Random GDC sketch post

We didn’t go to many sessions at GDC this year. hmm… but what we did go to…
there was the Independent Games Summit. met some very nice people during those 2 days.

went to the panel of Suda51 and (my game design hero) Fumito Ueda.

2 panel discussions in a row where i could do none of the speakers justice with my pens.

march26b and finally this is my really bad drawing of Keita Takahashi. I made video of his talk too as he put on the Noby Noby scarf and demo’d a new multiplayer mode where each palyer is a different ‘end’ of the Boy (okay, that makes no sense whatever if you’ve never played the game ;P)
I loved his talk. He discussed his wanting to feel more free within game design. And Noby being his attempt. I just wish he could have sent out Noby scarves to players like he’d originally wanted to!