Some more reviews of The Path

Here’s some more reviews of The Path. We remain impressed by how well our experiment is received. Hopefully this encourages more developers to take the path less traveled.

It’s definitely different from anything else you’re likely to play; it might not be a game many people will like, but it is something to be respected and admired.

Michael Thompson in Ars Technica

The Path is a hugely significant work in terms of what a video game can be beyond the realms of throwaway entertainment and is potentially a seminal moment in video games.

Iain McCafferty in

This game is completely subjective, like a puzzle of a starry sky made out of perfectly square pieces.

Kristen Spencer on Count Gameula

So, I’ve read a TON of theories behind the meaning of the game in general. I don’t agree with any of them, and at the same time, I agree with all of them. I don’t think there is one right or wrong way to look at The Path, and I really love that.

Allison Boyer on Binge Gamer

The horror. A good innovation and a different way of playing that definitely leave a mark. Do not miss it or become “Zombie”.

Giuseppe on AG Games

The Path’s style of horror isn’t the overt kind where a zombie suddenly crashes through a window. It’s a feeling that lurks at the back of your brain, bubbling up during periods of intense personal change. It’s the terror of encountering the unknown; the fear of the revelations a new experience might produce as well as how it might afterward manifest itself in your thoughts and world.

Charles Onyett on IGN

It feels like being the only person laughing in a cinema – except the film you’re watching is Schindler’s List.

Joe Martin in

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  1. Ofcourse.

    Yeah, it’s easy me shooting my mouth off, but I have no clue how difficult, time-consuming or expensive it is. Although the latter two I imagine are relative.

    Still, there was a lot of good news on indie console development from GDC. I’d love to eventually see your games on console.

  2. The biggest problem for us is that we are not engineers. The only tool that I can think of that makes programming for consoles accessible to artists is Unity (which allows you to make games for Wii and iPhone next to PC and Mac). For both Playstation and XBox, we would need the help of an experienced programmer who understands what we are trying to do.

  3. Well clearly you have looked into your options in great depth.

    That is a real shame, and I am surprised how inaccessible the consoles are. Especially as independent games, and the download services are becoming the most prominent features of them.

    And as you said, I guess even with an experienced programmer, they may not necessarily understand what you’re trying to achieve.

    Thanks very much for your quick reponses anyway.

  4. Hehe. Steam update news:

    “This week we spent some time in San Francisco for the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference. While there, we were able to meet in person some of the creators of the fantastic independent games that we’ve recently featured on Steam. Confidential to Michael, Auriea, and Laura: your idea for a mashup of The Path and Left 4 Dead sounded incredible after all those drinks, but could you get in touch to explain it again? Our memory is a little fuzzy. Something about a zombie wolf?”

    Hehe. Sounds like you had lot’s of fun in there 😀

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