Last day of the GDC

It’s been a strange week. Wish we could have reported on it some more. But we were so busy.
If you are in San Francisco, swing by The Graveyard booth at the IGF pavilion in the GDC expo. I think we might be giving away some posters

2 thoughts on “Last day of the GDC”

  1. I wish I was in San Francisco…I want an autographed poster. :(

    Anyway, so you guys were busy, eh? That’s good news. It sounds like you guys dew some attention so…I hope being there at GDC helped Tale of Tales pick up some publicity.

  2. Very busy!…

    But you won’t hear me complain after having had the chance to tell Fumito Ueda about 8, and The Path… Hideo Kojima and Warren Spector came by the day before. Independent games seem to have levelled up this year. Guess I should blog about this…

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