23 thoughts on “The Path for Mac OSX?”

  1. I notice that GameTree divide all their titles into either “action,” “family” or “strategy” – and The Path isn’t any of those! I guess they’ll just have to make a new category especially for it. (n_-) Something like “exploration” or “experience…”

  2. you KNOW i wanted to hear this….
    But until then, I will have to “suffer” on the pc! I can’t wait till then! TONITE …yes tonite the suspense will end 4 me.
    YAY for cross platform development!

  3. No Linux port on the horizon, I’m afraid. Put if there’s any company or people who would be interested in taking a stab at porting, we’re definitely open for discussion.

  4. Will the system requirments be similar to the Graveyard or will it require higher power hardware? My ancient mac actually ran the Graveyard quite nicely :)

  5. The system requirements will be higher. If only because playing without post-processing is not an option. You’ll need a “Pro” Mac or a recent iMac. And it will only run on Intel CPUs.

  6. uhm… this is not a port, guys :(
    it’s not mac-native. transgamings cider is a very bad choice.

    what have you used for programming? directx 9? any open-source, portable libraries like SDL, OpenAL, OpenGL etc. may be? is the game written that windows-specific to make a native port so difficult?

    Whatever – i like the idea of “The Path” and i liked “The Graveyard” (again, the idea behind it was fantastic – and it was native on the mac). Too bad, “The Path” won’t be mac native :(

  7. The Path is made with Quest3D which is basically a very fancy interface to DirectX. So it’s indeed extremely Windows-specific. But we’ll do our best to make the Mac version as good as possible.

  8. Tried boot camp on my mac for the first time just to get to play this game, but quickly found out I need Windows with Service Pack 2, and mine doesn’t have that. And it says it doesn’t help to download it after installing either. So guess I’ll have to wait… Hope the Mac version will be good. I have a Mac Mini with 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo and 2GB memory, also hoping this will work okay. Ah, the suspense!

  9. Just a data point: running a game on my MacBook Pro in Boot Camp invariably gives me better graphics than running it through Cider on OS X. Same game, same machine, same graphics card, huge difference.

  10. I don’t suppose there’s a chance you’ll rip out Quest3D and replace it with SDL plus OpenGL (plus OpenAL), so we can have real native Mac OS (and GNU/Linux, which I’m pining for (and FreeBSD, …)) binaries? 😛

    Could you maybe at least consider progamming in a portable way next time around? It’s not that hard if you mind it right at the beginning…

  11. I’m afraid we’re artists, not engineers. We work with the tools that we can use. And afford. We will make projects with Unity in the future. But something like The Path is too complicated for us to program without a visual programming environment like Quest3D.

  12. We don’t know. It’s not done yet. I guess it’ll depend on how quickly we can iron out the bugs. It’s not as simple as flipping a switch, I’m afraid. But we’re getting there.

  13. Hi, any updates on when this will be out? =D
    I won a copy of your game on Neoseeker for Windows, but I have Mac. Would you be able to send me the Mac version when it’s out, if I supply the email and things that supplied the original Windows link? Thanks, would be much appreciated, really looking forward to this game. ^^

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