16 thoughts on “Lift -off! Almost…”

  1. what time is it in Germany when it’s 9.00 pm in San Francisco? I will stay the whole night long in front of my pc :-)

  2. I want to know how can I pay for the game as soon as possible and how much would it cost to have the pack with gooddies… cause I have enough money but not in my bank account and I do not know how to work with paypal… or what… ( xD Slovakia, 17 years old, M xD )


    At least I won’t have to worry about the small task of converting the time, since I’ll be in the same timezone as you guys. 😀

  4. I’ve been sat at work all day refreshing the buy page… just in case.

    I think I’ll be fast asleep at launch hour, though… let’s hope there’s enough deluxe edition packages to last until I wake up 😀

  5. I’m really looking forward to it finally going live. The game sounds like such a refreshing change.

  6. AN UPDATE! My obsessive pressing of the refresh button since 8:57 was not in vain! :P.

    Thank you, everyone involved, for putting in the seemingly superhuman time and effort to create this brainchild. You truely are artists, who have already succeeded in working wonders through your chosen medium, and I trust that this masterpeice will surpass our expectations.

    Eep, that wasn’t too eloquent, but you get the idea!

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