5 thoughts on “The Path on Gametap/Metaboli”

  1. Hey, there!

    I’m quite excited that Gametap will be hosting The Path… I knew I kept my subscription up for a reason!

    I know this may be a long-shot of a question, but is the date that Gametap will be releasing The Path on their service available anywhere? :) Just so that I can anticipate it and don’t have to continue my obsessive checking of the ‘New Games’ section every morning, you know? šŸ˜€

    Thanks so much for putting it onto these services, by the way. It’s not too often that I actually anticipate something coming out on Gametap!

  2. We haven’t heard a release date yet. But we know they are working on getting the game up there.

    Don’t thank us too much. Every indie developer want his game spread as far and wide as possible, I’m sure. Thank Gametap for having the vision/courage/desire to distribute strange little games like ours.

  3. Thank you very much for your reply, MichaĆ«l. I suppose I’m just going to have to be patient for this one. :)

    As far as digital distribution goes, have you thought about trying to get a spot on Xbox Live for The Path, as well? There is a huge slew of an audience there that do have a passion for indie titles, but don’t have PCs. Since it is a Microsoft product, I believe there is very little (if any) coding you need to do to make it compatible for the Xbox from PC.

    Either way, I’m very glad it’s doing so well so far. :) Congrats to you both, and to everyone who worked on this title!

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