The Graveyard at Mediamatic, Amsterdam

Rather rude of us not to have mentioned it before now -.- BUT
The Graveyard is currently part of an exhibition called “Ik R.I.P” at Mediamatic!
Its an experiential deathbed playground, fairly intense looking (and silly also as it is hard to think about death without some humor, that would be too depressing.)

And here’s a description.

What happens to your online profile after you die? Do you want it to remain online, so friends can leave a message in your memory? Or do you prefer having it deleted, so no confusion can arise about your death? These questions are the inspiration for the new exhibition Ik R.I.P., the third in the series about self-representation on the internet.
With The Travelers, a series of death portraits by Elizabeth Heyert, coffins from Ghana, the computergame The Graveyard, ‘test-dying’ in a casket, the new website and more…
Opening hours: Wed – Fri from 12.00 to 19.00 hrs, and Sat + Sun from 12.00 to 18.00 hrs.

The show is running til April 12th.
more info here.

Description of the show on We Make Money Not Art.

I’d say it clearly is a game, but one which hits a somber note that is fairly hard to achieve in this medium.
Plugimi about “The Graveyard”

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  1. This looks and sounds very interesting. A coke bottle coffin? A Fish coffin? Wow.
    In other news: The dead pick their nose O.O

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