Free song from The Path

Jarboe and Kris Force have created the first track of what we hope will become The Original Soundtrack of The Path, simply entitled Safe Song. You can listen to it here or download it here.
I say “created” because in the game, the music is completely dynamic and never the same twice. So this linear song is only an approximation of the experience of the music in the game. A distillation of its perfume. Like a blossom picked from a tree. :)

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  1. Love this. Downloading… Now. Well done Jarboe and Kris and thanks Michael for sharing this with us :)
    So by dynamic, you mean that it changes every time we play the game? And if i have understood correctly, the game will be different with each girl when we play it? Like something happens to, let’s say, Ginger and the next time we play with her, it may or may not happen to her again? 😀

  2. The music is similar on every playthrough, except for the music in some specific areas. But it is dynamic in the sense that there’s always multiple tracks playing simultaneously and they are mixed based on numbers generated by the game: random values as well as game state, avatar control, position in the world, activity of the character, proximity of objects, etc. It changes all the time.

    In terms of structure, the game is the same for each girl. Which is typical for a fairy tale. But the nuances are different. And some girls can do things that other girls cannot. Also some things can only be seen when you play with a particular girl.

  3. Thanks for this tidbit!

    I have to admit, though, that I was hoping it would be the version of the song “Troll Lullaby” that would be in this game, though. 😉

    Great work! Like Kasa, I felt that there was something dangerous lurking under the veil of safety.

  4. Great song! I like it.
    But will the song out of the teaser trailer also be included? I liked that one too. Anyway – great work!

  5. oh, it’s a beautiful song, and i could see where it would be able to mesh beautifully with other music, and even become something entirely more sinister…

    magnificent. <3

  6. I concur, but I’m sure that song will be put on a soundtrack that can be purchased. 😉

    That money could help support our favorite game developers.

  7. The music is not generated by the game. It’s mixed by the game. And while this mixing is dynamic in the game, it is quite possible to make a mix and commit it to MP3. And quite desirable if it is the musicians themselves who make the mix, and perhaps even add some elements.

    Then again, when has “weird” ever been an objection for us? 😉

  8. I finally realised that this is the song that’s been in the back of my head for months. Half the time I couldn’t even remember the tune itself- just the emotion I get from the initial few chords. I don’t think there could be a more appropriate song for The Path.

  9. Thank you for making this available. I really, really hope you manage to get a full OST done. If not, though, I hope you at least manage to make the main theme that plays over the title in the game available for download. The soundtrack is one of my favorite parts about The Path.

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