My new year’s resolution

Let the record state that my new year’s resolution will be to ignore troll posts on web forums and comments sections of blogs. The term “troll post” is defined broadly as any negative comment that is given without reasoning or justification. This includes statements in the comments sections about issues that had already been addressed in the main article (i.e. from people who did not even bother to read). As of 2009, I am reinstating the author in his role of authority. And urging anyone keen on voicing their own opinion, to do so in their own publication. I am aware that this resolution will probably mean that I will have to ignore the comments sections of most blogs entirely. So be it.

I do allow for an exception where it concerns comments to posts in our own publications, where I feel it is my obligation to act as a polite host. But this should by no means be interpreted as an invitation. 2009 Shall be known as the year when trolls returned to their caves.

4 thoughts on “My new year’s resolution”

  1. I wish you the best of luck on keeping to your resolution! It sounds like a good one for me to follow as well. :) Coincidentally, my next game will be about this exact activity, whenever I get around to working on it again… :p

  2. The first. And thanks, I’m looking forward to it too! :) It’s very vignette-ish, also, strongly focused on atmosphere and mood. The idea is almost a year old now, and has grown from a very simple idea to something slightly more involved – hopefully it will live up to its potential! I imagine it is something that you might appreciate. :)

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