Tale of Tales is 5

Tale of Tales was officially founded on December 9th 19th 2003, five years ago. Auriea and I were working on 8 at the time and needed a company to apply for funding. We chose the “bvba” form (similar to ltd and llc) because we were hoping to become a commercial enterprise. We’re still hoping.

17 thoughts on “Tale of Tales is 5”

  1. Happy Birthday from Finland ToT! May we find blessing and escape from the boring every day activities in your games. TeF rocks, and so does Graveyard. No, really. Graveyard DOES rock. 😀

  2. Happy B-day! Seems like only yesterday I was sitting at my desk in San Francisco doing an animation test for you of a little girl. It’s been so fun and rewarding animating for you. Any chance you’ll come to Austin’s GDC now that we will have a decent President?


  3. Laura,

    If your new president can take care of making the Dollar as cheap as the previous one did, certainly we’ll come to Austin! 😉

    You’re the only person in the world who can animate a little girl!! You’re the man! And as much part of our birthday as we are. Congratulations to you! :)

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