The Path preview on Eurogamer

For those of you who can read Dutch, there’s a (sort of) preview of The Path on the Eurogamer Benelux site. The game was not exactly finished when we showed it to Philip Cremers, but it’s interesting to read his impressions.

The Path is anders dan je doordeweekse spel. Toch speelt sterven een belangrijke rol, al zal het niet gebeuren doordat je personage doorzeefd wordt door kogels. Eens je het huis van grootmoeder hebt doorlopen, sterft Roodkapje namelijk. Hoe en waarom dit zo is laat men bij Tale of Tales liever in het duister, en als we eerlijk zijn willen we het ook niet echt weten. The Path maakt zich voor het grootste deel sterk door het mysterieuze aspect en het gevoel dat je zelf krijgt bij het doorlopen van het spel.

Read it here.

5 thoughts on “The Path preview on Eurogamer”

  1. can’t really read dutch but tried to babel fish it too see if i could at all understand it. Though confusing in fractured english, it looks like an interesting article. My favorite was this jumbled comment on a snapshot, however:

    Okay, what has smoked those makers then them this game considered. Hallelujah, these sound really strange: D

  2. Nice to hear you liked it Ben. The comment you tried to translate in Babelfish:

    Ok, what did the developers smoke when they came up with this game. Hallelujah, this sounds really weird 😀

    Hope to see more of The Path soon, I really liked what Michael and Auriea showed me so far!

  3. Frankly, we’re a bit tired of the “what were they smoking?” comment. We’ve been getting that for over ten years. It only testifies of shortsightedness, conservatism and lack of imagination. And in case anyone had any doubts, drugs are not part of our work process. If anyone thinks that, they have not the faintest idea how difficult this stuff is. You cannot make the work that we do on drugs. It’s impossible.

    And if the fruit of a perfectly sober mind disturbs you, perhaps you should consider it a reality check, rather than simply assuming that we are the ones who are weird.

  4. You should come over to and say that to the person who posted that comment. We can’t control what people think and post as comments, some dudes just can’t see the bigger picture and link everything that is different to drugs I guess….sad

  5. I get the what were you smoking thing all the time. I just tell them i was really tired when i came up with the idea.

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