Things are getting dark in The Forest…

The Undead Deer has come back from the depths to haunt the forest for another year! Join in this season of oddness in The Endless Forest and be ready to attend the All Hallows Eve ABIOGENESIS party coming at the end of the month!

Meanwhile, on a less spooky note, we along with The Endless Forest Club on DeviantArt have started an initiative to put together the first The Endless Forest Fan Art Calendar! The TEF community has made lots of fabulous artwork over the years and it is high time we all made something a bit more lasting than .jpgs! So, check it out and be a part of it!

13 thoughts on “Things are getting dark in The Forest…”

  1. Ugh. I can’t sya i really feel the holiday spirit. I feel horrible when I see all the other deer in their costumes, they found the Undead Deer, and I’m just a normal deer. Maybe you should put somewhere on the site a secret page tellin’ how to find it. >>

  2. I agree with Banditt. I’m feeling really low and sad with all these other deer playing around with their costumes. if you do make a page like that, email the link to me. :D/D:

  3. Hm. Odd. Someone used my name. ANYWAY! The undead deer(or mosse, as I call him), moves from day to day… i believe.Oh well. Today when I meant to say answer I said antlers. someone take me away from TEF D:

  4. I think the creators should make a pictogram thingeh fer teh Undead deer.I have seen alot of deer in the forest looking at the other deer and doing the sad expression. :/
    …plus I had washed mysel foff in the pond and for the whole day today i could not find the freaking deer. ):

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