New EVIL music from Jarboe


The Path composer Jarboe is releasing something of a Magnus Opus today: a 4 CD set entitled Mahakali.

My new album entitled “MAHAKALI”, ( Kali is the feminine of “kala”- “darkness”, Maha is “great” ) is named after the mythical indian goddess of death and destruction, as mentioned in the Mahabarata and other indian epics.

The idea of a ‘goddess of destruction’ is one that I’ve cherished for a long time. Cedric (Victor, bassist and visual collaborator) mentioned Kali when we were recording because of the thematic similarities to the songs I had already written. As we progressed with the recording, everything seemed to come together around this theme of respect/reverence for strength and simultaneous repulsion/fear of power. Kali’s narrative also discusses Nietzsche’s old adage that ‘in fighting the monster, one must be careful that one does not become the monster’ which seems to be a relevant message.

Get it here!

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