The Graveyard post mortem, part 6

The success of The Graveyard as an atmospheric piece is due in no small part to the lush soundscape created by Kris Force. Next to producing Jarboe‘s soundtrack for The Path, she’s been an audio-millipede. From working with deep dark experimental musicians to creating whimsical sound and music for blockbuster games like The Sims, her knowledge and wisdom regarding the audible universe seems unfathomable.

So we produced some noise with our questions, to hear how she feels about The Graveyard and what else she’s doing. Part six of our Graveyard post mortem (almost done):

Spotlight on sound designer Kris Force

1 thought on “The Graveyard post mortem, part 6”

  1. Yay! I thought you’d forgotten about this. =)

    Incidentally, dance music TELTHYWLT. Not keen on it.

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