This Is Indie!

A little video we made last year because Celia Pearce asked us to. 😉 Its about our thoughts on Independent game development, sort of. It was never used (I believe her response was “what did you make that with? a cell phone camera??” ha! little did she know we don’t HAVE mobile phones!) But we found it so delightfully silly that I’m posting it now in honor of the (first annual) IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games which starts today 10/10/2008. And in which The Graveyard is nominated for an award!

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13 thoughts on “This Is Indie!”

  1. you should have made a game that explained your thoughts on independent game development! ha! that would have been awesome. I’m picturing 2d Michael and Auriea sprites in a 3d environment.

    Already a hit! haha.

  2. Ha! awesome bit of history, the game looks interesting too, too bad i cant’ seem to get the plug in to work.

    Featuring yourselves was very interesting, reminds me of St. Augustine, and all were present in adam (as seed) when he sinned and therefore are all guilty. On a strictly visual note, i think the representation of Adam and Eve as one being black and the other white as VERY interesting for MANY reasons: yin-yang symbolism and just because it’s a shock also to not see eve as a blonde haired blue eyed woman (as she is often depicted).

    …now i wish i’d thought of it, would’ve made a good illustration…

  3. Haha, thnx anyway.

    I think i’m spending too much time on this site, you invaded my dream last night! an evil gov’t organization projected your face on the moon because you committed some heinous crime.

    They had some pretty sweet spider robots.

  4. The Eden.Garden game is intriuging, but, like Ben said, doesn’t seem to work. I get music, but no visual. Is that a problem with my system, or is the game just out of date?

    The old video made me giggle, and it’s nice to have faces to put to your names.

  5. Wonderful video, this is the first time I’ve hearn you guys talk, and it is nice to hear your opinion on ‘indie’ games 😉 I especially love the way you can conjour a laptop or teaset at will… this is a skill that will take you far in games development!

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