The Graveyard post mortem, part 4

In the fourth chapter of The Making of The Graveyard, we have a talk with Laura Raines Smith, who animated the character of the old lady. For all intents and purposes, Laura is the unofficial third member of Tale of Tales. She has created most animations for 8, including those for the Little Deaf Mute Girl in the Pretty White Dress (based on motion captures of my daughter, then aged 6). She animated the deer avatar in The Endless Forest. And at the moment she’s breathing life (and death) into the girls and wolves of The Path.

Without Laura, Tale of Tales would not be what it is. So it’s high time for us to pay some attention to her, here. Read on for some remarkable answers to our newbie questions in…

Spotlight on character animator Laura Raines Smith

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  1. (Perhaps the wrong spot for my comment, but anyhow). I downloaded the trail version of The Graveyard. What seems to be a pity (on my side) is the fact that the lyrics of the song has got English subtitles. My understanding of Dutch and Flemish is perfect. There might be a set-up menu in the paid version of which I’m unaware that accounts for this fact (either subtitles on or off), otherwise it should IMHO be incorporated.

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