The Path in Gameplay magazine

The Path in Gameplay June 2008

There’s a double spread article about The Path in this month’s Ukranian games magazine Gameplay. For those of you who read Russian, please let us know if they say nice things. 😉

Thanks to Marat Bashirov for the scans.

5 thoughts on “The Path in Gameplay magazine”

  1. Congrats either way, that’s a huge spread!

    I’d guess they are saying nice things, usually pre-release articles are positive, they don’t do them on games that are uninteresting, lol. :-)

  2. I’ve read the article. Mostly their reviewers are quite objective. This time they’ve mixed up some of their own opinions and some information from the developers.
    Well here are some quotes from the article form “Gameplay”:
    At the basis if he game there is the story of “Red Hat” ( i don’t know the correct english name for that fairytale). The interpretation from Tale of Tales is completely different from those previous tries to mix up this storyline.

    There is no gameplay in The Path. Here you do not collect coins, do not upgrade your weapons, and don’t make homeruns (? not sure if the translation is correct). Whatever you do, the main character is still followed by the Wolf and he may capture her. The inevitibility of the tragic end for all the six incarnations of the Red Hat along with her independence in interaction with the forest make this game more like an interactive cartoon for adults.

    We have no huge expectations on the commercial success of the project, since of the wierdness of the idea of the game. But still, those quest-fans that are bored after completing the russian Mor:Utopia may find this project very interesting.

    PS I’ve completed Mor:Utopia last year. And i personally think your project is quite intesting. Looking forward to see it on my HDD :)

    Sincerely yours. Alex. Just an ordinary oldschool gamer.

  3. Is Mor:Utopia is same as Pathologic?
    The Path will be a lot easier to play than Pathologic. But both games probably share some aesthetic and mood elements. So many people will probably like both, indeed.

    It’s not exactly true that there is no gameplay in The Path. It’s just that a lot of the gameplay is optional and for your own pleasure rather than required to complete the game. You can, for instance, collect things. You just don’t have too. And they are not irrelevant items like coins or points but all elements that contribute to the narrative. So, as a player, you can choose to make the experience very rich and deep.

    It’s funny that this game is considered weird while it is our honest effort to try and make something commercial! :)
    We’ll see…

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