5 thoughts on “Le Cube Festival”

  1. It sucks living in America.

    Looks like there’d be a lot to learn from and the chance to be among the like minded. Me? I’ll just have to shuffle around all the people who say digital painting is really painting and that animation is for children.

    Enjoy that guys, and I hope TEF gets a lot of attention!

  2. You guys have the most festivals and you still complain… I’m sure there is this kind of festivals in the USA.
    Oh yeah, and France is also populated by the same people you describe Ben…

  3. There maybe, but not around michigan where i live. The festivals we have aren’t based around this kind of thing, that being interactive art, at least not to my knowledge. And if they are, they are overly pretentious and post-modern. Art has developed differently in America. For example with theatre we were stuck doing melodrama’s far longer than other countries, and for that reason we focus on sensationalism far more. It’s an overwhelming way of thinking in our country which is counterintuitive and counterproductive.

    Yeah we have a lot of cool things here, but it tends to be that all the ones i actually want to go to are over in europe…

  4. Ok, now i understand. I did not now the american mentality in art, but i see it fits with the general one…

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