Endless Forest community site is open!

We had been testing the new Endless Forest community website for a few months already. Lots of players had found their way to it. And it’s becoming a really fun place with great artworks and stories created by the community.

So we decided to just give up our perfectionism and open the site as it is, in its beta state.

Have a look:


The Endless Forest community website

Only players of The Endless Forest can log in and post. But most of the content can be viewed by anyone.

14 thoughts on “Endless Forest community site is open!”

  1. I know this might require huge effort, and funding might be limited, but I think I speak for the Apple/Mac community when I say, “please oh please release a version of ‘The Endless Forest’ for Mac OS X!”

    That said, I sincerely applaud your efforts to push the envelope of traditional gaming. I thoroughly enjoy your short game, The Graveyard, I revisit it frequently on my old G4 (PPC) iBook. I know you have experience writing universal binary games, and I think there are many who would enjoy a Mac version of “The Endless Forest”.

    Just an aside, meant to explain why a Mac version could be so popular, not as any sort of slam on Windows users: you only need look as far as the photography industry, the film industry, and various graphical art industries to find that creative types gravitate to the Macintosh platform.

    Mac OS X itself, as well as the computers that run it, is truly innovative and powerful. People who recognize and appreciate the innovations of Apple Inc. will also likely recognize and appreciate the innovations of your software company, and financially support your efforts.

    Please don’t leave art nuts like me out in the dark, your products are so creative that it is a shame most of them will only run on generic PCs. Having had a brief glimpse in “The Graveyard”, I wish I could try more of your products, especially “The Endless Forest”. Just test the wind, people are switching to Mac, especially the artistic types you seem to target. Thanks for you consideration,

    TJ Niels

  2. We know! :)

    We would love to make more games for Mac OSX. The only reason why we don’t is that there is no development tool for games on Mac that is as suitable for artists as the tool we currently use on Windows. That tool, Quest3D, has enabled us to make our games. Without that tool, there would be no Endless Forest, or The Path. But that tool, or anything like it, does not exist on Mac OSX.

    The Graveyard was built with Unity. We plan to make more things with it in the future, and release them for Mac. But programming in Unity is not nearly as “creative” as it is in Quest3D (script-based as opposed to visual). So we are limited to building simple projects with it.

    Now, if anyone could make a Quest3D viewer for Mac, we would be set. But, indeed, funding being limited is an understatement, I’m afraid.

  3. I’d love to be able to join the community, but it seems that though I play regularly and have a registered deer, I cannot log in. Attempts to do so give me the following error: Error -32700: Parse error. Not well formed.
    Any suggestions?

  4. I totally agree with TJ!!!!!
    Its 2009 and I’d LOVE to join. I am an art FREAK, and the only reason I don’t constantly draw and play games like this is because I have homework.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, find a way to make this for Mac. Anything. PLEASE.

  5. I think the point that tjniels presented was very true, the majority of people in the creative arts industries are on mac, i myself am doing a btec national diploma in art and design and am on my macbook!
    I do have a pc in the house but it wont run the endless forest for some reason, i have named my deer but im yet to be able to play!!
    Its a long-shot but would mac maybe help fund it? it is relevant to many of its buyers after all.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  6. Would the Endless Forest run on Bootcamp on Mac?
    Because my PC has a hard time running the program correctly, so if I could run Bootcamp and play it that way that would be awesome :)

  7. I downloaded the Path and it worked on my Mac no problem, so I’m really disappointed that I can’t get The Endless Forest for Mac too. Terrible shame. I hope you guys can work that out in the near future!

  8. We’ve asked Transgaming to port it. But The Endless Forest was harder than The Path. And it’s a free project, so we can’t pay them for porting. Bootcamp is the only option.

  9. Oh, I understand, but it doesn’t mean I’m not still disappointed about it.

    I could do bootcamp, but loading it is a hassle, and I wouldn’t want a Windows OS for any other reason.

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