8 thoughts on “Scenes from the Forest”

  1. I adore that last screenshot, that circle of flowers is amazing. The snow looks pretty as well with a bunch of deer glowing white. :)

  2. It was interesting, in a gallery arcade with Braid, Passage, flOw, Facade, and a few other notables in the mix, Endless Forest attracted a lot of positive attention, mostly from women. I think you folks may be onto something. We of the art games community watch for sales of The Path with interest.

  3. Are you talking about Indiecade, Patrick?

    Not to belittle that effort, but there’s also a lot of people (including Women) playing The Endless Forest online, every day.
    How did you like our Easter Abiogenesis? It was mad if you ask me, the ultimate test for anyone’s game-rig!

    I hope the art games community is not just sitting around and waiting for the sales figures of The Path. 😉 There’s a lot of work to be done!

  4. Sadly, I wasn’t at the Easter Party. I had never even heard of TEF befoe the 9th of April. I have a question though, is a party going on now? Cause it’s snowing and deer have candle antleers and it’s night and stars are hanging from trees. I never been to one of the parties so I don’t know. Plz answer!!

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