Play The Path at GDC!

We will be in San Francisco next week, attending the Game Developers Conference. A playable demo of The Path will be available from Wednesday to Friday at the Independent Games Festival pavilion in the expo (North Hall 5138). The IGF award ceremony is on Wednesday evening. The Path is nominated in the “Excellence in Visual Art” category. Fingers crossed!

If you find yourself at the conference, be sure to come and say hello! :)

For those who stay at home, here’s some work-in-progress gameplay footage to tide you over:

High Definition video is available here.

8 thoughts on “Play The Path at GDC!”

  1. That footage TERRIFIES me. x.X

    When it’s released I’ll probably force my friend to come over and play it with me. XD

    Good luck with IGF; wish I lived in San Francisco now.

  2. Woah, was all of this in the game? I played it today but all I did was wander in to the woods and get lost in endless trees.

  3. Neat, I’ll have to try again on Friday :)

    And yeah, GDC isn’t ideal for playing anything, really — at least, expo floors always leave me with a headache …

  4. I guess we strange foreign types will just have to wait for the final product.

    Till then, perhaps Rule of Rose will be creepy enough to tide me over.

  5. Being some one who is in love with actual Grimm stories. As well as incorporate such things into my doll making and manga drawings. I am looking forward to playing the game.
    Although, since I live here in Placerville, Ca. It will be hard to get my hands on it.
    Patience is a virtue, my grandmother always said. And when you are dealing with fairy tales, it is important to heed such warnings.

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