The Endless Forest version 3.2 is released

In preparation of Mardi Gras (5 February), we have added 9 new sets of disguises to The Endless Forest. All of these were designed by the players and modelled and textured by students at the Howest college in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Nightfall pelt, designed by Lyrak

Download the new version here!

4 thoughts on “The Endless Forest version 3.2 is released”

  1. How do i name my deer? PLS!!! i need to know how, i have downloaded it, but i CANT register and every timr i try to name my deer, it just pops up as a deer ith a ? mark above it and blinking icons

  2. Hello, I’me french sorry and I don’t know how ask my question in english so I speak in french sorry : Comment savoir si notre Cerf est un mal ou une femelle ?

  3. All deer in The Endless Forest are male. But the players are both male and female. There is no way of knowing if they are male or female. That’s on purpose.

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