The Kiss available for download

The Kiss: Incorporator

We have made the remake of our 2001 project “The Kiss: Incorporator” available for download. This version was made for an exhibition in the Flemish Parliament, curated by Muhka’s Edwin Carels.

“The Kiss: Incorporator” is made with a 3D scan of our naked bodies, kissing. The errors produced by the scanning technology expecting to find a single body, form an essential part of the piece. The result is a single mesh of two painfully stitched together naked human bodies, welded together in an eternal, devouring kiss. “The Kiss-Incorporator” allows you to navigate the cavernous “ocean of blood” inside of this mesh, through a threedimensial soundscape of industrial and natural sound loops and towards the single eternally beating machine-heart, shared by both bodies.

This project was conceived before we had even thought about making games. It was very much a part of our romantic episode with Entropy8Zuper! The body scans that were the basis for the mesh in the piece, were part of a session we did for another piece, entitled Eden.Garden, which was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and is now gathering dust on their server. It featured Auriea and I in the roles of Eve and Adam, hence the attire, or lack thereof.

Get The Kiss here!

4 thoughts on “The Kiss available for download”

  1. I seem to have issues moving forward/backward, be it with the analog pad (both joysticks forwards, right ?), mouse (left click, right) and keyboard (up arrow ?)…

    I can look around, though, and move to some presets positions with the joypad buttons… it looks nice 😉 but really i wish i could move a bit freely ^^

  2. Indeed.. i’m guilty of being impatient :p

    I think I didn’t notice the motion partly because the body is pulsing.
    What was the reception when it was exhibited. Did people get the movement ?

    Anyway, it was a nice experience (better in a darrrk room… very amniotic.. i’d leave it running when i’m sleeping)

  3. The motion was different in the exhibition because of the dual joystick navigation. People got it quite easily. There was a sort of trigger on them both with which to move faster and all the little buttons jumped you to different places in the body.

    I too find it weird to navigate without a gamepad or joystick. the pulsing of the body does make you feel like you’re not moving as much as you are though… it’s an illusion.

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