Worlds, not pictures

Envying the precision of the framing through which Almodovar tells the story of “Todo Sobre Mi Madre”, I was reminded of something a visitor of Vooruit’s birthday party said. She was wondering how come the image of The Endless Forest that was being projected large in the room was not the same as the image that was seen on the interactive consoles. I told her that it was different on every computer: the same world but seen from different angles.

I think this is very meaningful and often underestimated. Framing is a powerful technique but games are not about pictures. They are about worlds. And much like film tells its story through framing more than through acting, as theater did, games need to find the technique that tells their stories. And it’s not framing. It must be related to the worlds that games create. It probably has something to do with interaction, with agency. How does one call the technique that manipulates interaction, like framing manipulates vision?