Play Cultures starts today

Play Cultures

Tonight at 7 pm local time, the exhibition Play Cultures starts in the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad (Serbia). It runs until October 25th.

So that makes 4 shows that feature The Endless Forest at the moment? Now wonder it’s getting crowded. 😉

The exhibition “Play Cultures” is an international exhibition that presents contemporary artistic production that uses the language of digital games and shows one possible view of how the genre of digital games can be used in a creative and engaging way. The exhibition consists of standalone games, mods, video works, multiplayer games and interactive storytelling.

AES + F (RU), Alon Tzarafi (IL), Afkar Media (SY), Fiambrera (ES), Gonzalo Frasca (UY), Jodi (BE, NL), Molleindustria (IT), Personal Cinema (GR), Persuasive Games (US), Robert Praxmarer (AT), Serious Games Interactive (DK), Tale of Tales (BE), Vladan Joler (RS), Vladimir Todorovic (RS, SG), Urtica (RS)

Organized by, Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies.