4 thoughts on “Photo Post: Vooruit 25 Years Installation”

  1. It’s cool. Makes it look next-gen. :)
    -> Gears of Forest! (or The Endless War?)

    Anyway, looks like a fun time. I imagine it would have been interesting to see how people, kids, approached the game and began to interact with it. Did you get any new insights from the experience?

    I was recently recording dialog with some young kids, and it was really fun to see how they played with the microphone, testing out their voices, the sounds they could make, the waveforms that showed up on screen, and automatically modulating the volume and pitch and rhythm of their voices to maintain interest and seek out limits of the system. It seems that until a certain age, kids will constantly seek out systems to play with and explore – in a free-form way, of course, but with purpose. You can’t really stop them, and you wouldn’t want to. Watching young children play I think can be very inspiring for experimental game design.

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