The Endless Forest featured in GEE magazine, Germany

The Endless Forest is page 9 of the September issue of GEE magazine. This is the biggest (and glossiest) offline publication to pick up on our game and it certainly has enabled us to welcome many new players to the forest.
Color us very proud. :)

4 thoughts on “The Endless Forest featured in GEE magazine, Germany”

  1. Oh, lots of congratulations. =)

    I’d like to see that translated. Words that I can’t read make me sad. =(

  2. Is there a web counterpart to this publication? I would like to read the article, even if I have to use google to produce some mangled english version.

  3. Here’s a rough translation of the text that might be slightly erroneous :)

    Forest spirits

    The multiplayer-online-game “The Endless Forest” from the indie-game-designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn has got little to do with other works of this genre. Instead of warriors, wizards, orcs and elves the game’s world is inhabitated by only one species: stags with human faces [“face” doesn’t quite catch the meaning of “antlitz” though]. And instead of proving oneself in adventures one does all the nice things stags tend to spend their days with: roar loudly into the forest, rub your pelt against a tree, pick a quarrel with another stag or just stroll over blooming meadows and savour life. Conclusion: download for free at once.

    I’ve found your site through this article btw :)

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