100,000 Nameless deer…

Stress test…

While we weren’t paying attention, the number of times that The Endless Forest has been downloaded jumped over the 100,000. The game has been downloaded 122,879 times to be precise. As far as we know, at least.

So far, some 17,000 players have named their deer (aka registered/joined). And lately, the number of active players per month exceeds 1,500.

This is reflected in increased activity on the game’s forum.

But we still have a few more copies available. So, if you haven’t already, download The Endless Forest now! (get the Phase 3 beta, it’s pretty stable on most machines)

4 thoughts on “100,000 Nameless deer…”

  1. I first cavorted in the Endless Forest, along with Chris Bateman, years ago now, back when I still had a Windows partition. Every once in a while I feel a tug and download the latest version to see if it runs under WINE yet, only to find out that it won’t.

    I’ll was just feeling the tug this morning, coincidentally enough. I;ll give it another shot this weekend.

  2. I have thus far been incapable of getting it to run under WINE. I basically get the error that Quest3D isn’t installed properly, which leads me to believe that the application is looking for something that would exist in windows and thus doesn’t exist in my emulated environment. I am fascinated with the idea of it though and may give it a shot on another computer..

  3. When a new version of The Endless Forest is installed over an old version, you often get messages like this too, saying that you should go and download the Quest Viewer. Which is rubbish. This is caused, I believe, by incompatibility between versions of some of the DLLs that Quest3D consist of.

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