But it’s not really a game, is it?

The key mistake made in the definition of “games” along traditional lines is that it ignores the major strength of the interactive medium.

“But it’s not really a game, is it?” is no longer an acceptable way to look at a piece of interactive entertainment; its value must be measured in terms of sociability, narrative and even education.

Interactive Entertainment isn’t just about “gameplay” – it has learned new tricks, and designers must now learn how to enthral people by creating social spaces and weaving compelling narratives.

YES, exactly.
Excerpt from “Telling Tales” by Rob Fahey

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  1. Thanks for the link. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I’m getting increasingly fed up with the ways people are talking about games. I just want to make good stuff without having to think about whether its a game, or which category it fits into. Though there are a few inspiring points. Have you read this review of Lost in Blue? I’d really recommend it.

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