Exhibition: Tale of Tales and Entropy8Zuper! at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City


Michael and I, in a previous incarnation, were known as Entropy8Zuper!. Together we made many, many works of interactive art, mostly online. We will be in Mexico City on August 8th giving a performance of some of this older work, in the format of a cinematic “walkthrough” of our largest net artwork, the five chapter saga known as The Godlove Museum. After that, in all its darkness, we will be giving an ABIOGENESIS performance in The Endless Forest for the assembled live audience. So the evening will contain a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell… and that, in many ways, sums up what we’ve been making for the last 8 years of our lives. Can’t wait to be there in Mexico!

here’s the info:
inmerso [ foro lounge ]
El Cyberlounge del Museo Tamayo arte Contemporáneo
exhibition runs from August 8 to November 11, 2007


1 thought on “Exhibition: Tale of Tales and Entropy8Zuper! at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City”

  1. So cool you’re coming to Mexico!
    I’m very excited to see your performance and see more of your work @ the museum!
    Just 10 more days and that’s it!
    We’ll be waiting!

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