8 showing at the E3 IndieCade

We are pleased to announce that our first game “8”, that is the demo of our unfinished game (the one shown in the 3rd part of this video, to be exact) is currently playable as part of the IndieCade: Indie Games Showcase taking place during the E3 expo now through July 13th.

We are really hoping to go back to this game and make it once and for all. I can’t help but think that it would make a perfect Wii game! So, heres to wishful thinking, and sleeping beauties.

They also wrote a feature on us: you can read that here.

4 thoughts on “8 showing at the E3 IndieCade”

  1. All the time I was watching that, I was thinking “what’s that? Go and look” or “what’ll you do with that?” or “why is that there?” or “what’s happening?” or “that’s a pretty dress, wear it” or “IT’S A ZOMBIE DRESS!”

    …You get the picture. XD

  2. Please develop this for Wii! Or Mac OS… I’d buy it, certainly – I like the concept of your games, I want to play them so much – 8 most of all. But I can’t stand the Windows OS, and at home I only have Apple computers and Nintendo consoles. I’d like to promote it on my Web site as well, but I wouldn’t want to support a Windows-only game…

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