Interview with American McGee

Mr. McGee

Tale of Tales presents! the first in a series of interviews with game authors and theorists: an interview with American McGee, author of the wildly succesful American McGee’s Alice and the violently criticized Bad Day LA. About fairy tales and sacrifice, narrative and art, digital distribution and his newest project “American McGee’s Grimm”.


7 thoughts on “Interview with American McGee”

  1. I was wondering if you do like we do: read books and watch movies and play games that are related to the project we’re working on. For research.

    So self-sacrificing! =P

    ….And that auto-pilot setence was funny. XD

    An episodic game…one of the most interesting things I’ve heard recently…

  2. Great interview, well produced and all. I can relate to getting the fuck out of America to make something interesting.

  3. You got on Gamasutra! Nice.

    I really like that you’ve started this blog. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I’ll look forward to the next interviews. :)

    Lemming, about Telltale Games, I was actually just playing one of their games yesterday. I was trying the demo for the first Bone game, since I’ve been reading the books lately. It was okay, but it doesn’t even begin to deliver on the potential of the Bone universe in an interactive medium.

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