New series of interviews

Soon, we will start publishing a new series of interviews with designers and theorists about games. Focussing on aspects that we feel are often neglected: storytelling, new forms of interaction, realtime aesthetics, different audiences, etc. The idea is to break out of the typical narrow cycle that blog discussions often end up in and listen to what other people have to say about these things. We’ve already started these interviews and I can tell you there’s a lot of Good Stuff coming up!

The first in the series is an interview with American McGee about fairy tales, sacrifice and art.

Next we will be talking to Celia Pearce, Alex Mayhew and Maaike Lauwaert.

So watch this space!

If you have any suggestions of people we should interview, please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “New series of interviews”

  1. Storytron goes Beta soon, and then it’ll start open up, you should definetly interview Chris Crawford in the 4th Quarter.

    Chris Bateman would be a good person to talk to as well. He’s an independent writer and designer who tries to tackle storytelling.

    I think Jane McGonigal might have an interesting perspective on storytelling.

    Jon Blow does some interesting stuff at the end of Briad, he uses game dynamics to tell an oppositional narrative.

    I’ve got something on the stove you might want to talk to me about, when its ready.

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