Presentation in Brussels

We will be talking about our work at TANI in Brussels on Monday, April 16, as part of the x-med-k 3D/Animation/Gaming series of workshops (organized by Foam, Okno and Nadine). We start at 8 PM.

from their website:

“.x-med-k. is a series of workshops and seminars dealing with the many faces of ‘experimental media arts’. Since 2004, three Brussels based art and technology organisations (nadine, okno and FoAM) have joined forces to design and implement this heterogeneous series, for artists and designers interested in experimental use of digital media, new materials and technologies.

.x-med-k. is about sharing the understanding of the diversity and multiplicity of tools and media that can be used creatively, as well as teaching the basics of ‘making-your-own’ techno-artistic materials and instruments. We cover collaborative issues in the production of art, specifically computer implemented and media related art. We discuss wider economic, environmental, social and political implications of our works. We forge new projects, perform and socialise together, gathering a critical mass of people around topics close to our hearts.”

More information here.

“In recent years, Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn have shifted their attention away from internet art and web design with Entropy8Zuper! to real time 3D technologies with Tale of Tales. They run a social screensaver/virtual performance stage called The Endless Forest, a multiplayer game in which everyone plays a deer. And they are currently developing The Path, a short horror game inspired by Little Red Ridinghood, featuring Drama Princess technology, an alternative to artificial intelligence.

Auriea and Michaël will present some recent work and talk about their design philosophy, as expressed in the Realtime Art Manifesto. Expect romantic delusions in virtual spaces, sensual user interfaces, non-linear narratives without plots, nostalgia for salon painting, religious pondering and fairy tales told around a digital campfire.”