The Endless Forest part of the Gawker Artists network


Not too long ago we got the bright idea to look into the Gawker Artists network. Basically, it is a link list of artists curated by Gumshoe. They oversee the distribution of artist ad banners through blogs like Gizmodo, Treehugger, Kotaku, Lifehacker etc., not to mention private bloggers who’ve signed up to get the ads on their pages. If you’ve ever been surfing through some of these bigger tech or game blogs you may have seen these ads. Its like a sudden non-sequitor in the middle of an article… at least they always caused me to do a double-take. I think it’s a pretty nifty idea to give free ad space to artists, it decorates the page and give people something to think about instead of asking them to become another link in the consumerist chain. So, it was pretty straightforward to sign up for and we’ve been getting a decent number of hits from it. Plus it is pretty cool to see banner ads for The Endless Forest “in the wild.”
Click here to see all the banners…


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I found your site through Kotaku and I’m really interested in your style of game development. I look forward to hearing more about The Path.

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